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Stunning Brunette gainer girl 04

The incredible 'amateurart' from Fantasy Feeder / 'azismiss' from Youtube
Her accounts are either deactivated or dormant, all of her YT vids were lost. She gained upto about 190lbs from being stick-thin.
- Update, June 2012 - You can now find this amazing lady at http://www.curvage.org as AmateurArt
She is also on DailyMotion as AmateurArt
All of the videos on my channel are up because the original pages or accounts no longer exist. This channel is intended an archive to preserve this fantastic material that could otherwise be lost. Whenever I post a video it comes with as much info about it as I can muster.
I'll never mirror a video that's online elsewhere out of respect for the original poster. There are some instances where I've mirrored online, second-hand videos to make up more realised playlists and give context, though I try and keep this to a minimum.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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