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Molfix Reklama Baby Bebi Ad

Molfix Reklama Baby Bebi Ad
https://www.youtube.com/user/bullmastiff85 - The MolfixReklama Song- Baby Bebi Reklama- Original Version!

MolfixReklama Baby Bebi Reklama Ad -- Original

Molfixreklama is a popular advertisement for babies Turkish diapers which was created in 7 years ago back in 2007. It grew very popular in Balkan, especially in places like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia. The Molfix reklama ad became even more popular on YouTube, and who ever listen to this Molfix Baby Bebi Reklama ad, couldn't help but listen to it again.

Molfix Baby Diapers

Hayat Kimya, which started producing Molfix baby diapers in 1998, continues to reinforce its position as the brand of happy babies. Molfix baby diapers are produced with utmost care, they are extremely gentle on your baby's sensitive skin, and their green absorbent layer provides perfect dryness while the outer surface of the diaper protects the skin. Thanks to water-resistant barriers that prevent leaks, Molfix gives babies full protection and keeps their skin dry and healthy around the clock.
The MolfixReklama Baby BebiReklama Short Version

The Molfixreklama Song video is about babies dancing and singing to their Mommies to put them to sleep with a warm milk, and wishing for their moms to buy Molfix diapers for them. Ever Since the Molfix Reklama Baby ad has been popping up as a viral video on YouTube bring smiles to millions of faces.

Molfix producers did not stop with this video. They have also made some other babies advertisements for their molfix baby diapers.
Some of them you can find on our channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/bullmastiff85

Molfixreklama lyrics:
Pelene pravo volimo, i svaki dan ih nosimo,
Molfix rjesenje pravo je,
Da budes suh lako je,
Sa njima mirnos pavamo,
Prozracne su i lagane,
Samo molfix pelena mene,
Usrecuje i njeguje,
Uspavaj me, toplim milijekom majkice,
Umotaj me, molfix tako mekan je,
Vise ja ne placem, niti se budim mokar jaaa,
Majkice kupuj mi pelene Molfix od sad.