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The twins lose it in the tub!

Jonathon(left)and Garrett (right) having a conversation in the bathtub. Jonathon started laughing at Garrett and Garrett figured out what he was doing made Jonathon laugh...just watch you'll see...

For those who think the water is too high and "OMG those poor babies!" and those who want to leave comments about "how dangerous holding the video camera while the boys are in the tub because if something happened it's just you!" Here's my advice, PAY ATTENTION! First off the video starts with TWO adults clearly in the picture. Now for those keeping score at home, that would make 3 yes THREE adults in the room! (for those who are still lost, two adults without a camera and 1 with equals 3) And well, since it seems sooo important to many people, there was actually a 4th person in the room too... Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. \

And as far as the water level goes, both boys are sitting up well, love the water (as evidenced by the fact that the splashing doesn't phase them) and oh yeah there's a 2:1 ratio of adults to children... so if you want to leave a comment or question about the video fine. If you want to instigate a fight about the water level, bugger off....

Using the video: If you are a TV station, newspaper...etc, please send me a message via YouTube or through email (located on the main channel page) requesting to use the video. As these are my kids, I would like to be able to know when the footage is used.

Do not copy the video and re-upload it onto YouTube. Just favourite it instead and then you can put the favourited video onto your channel page but it will stay linked to my channel. You can also use the embed links, facebook and twitter share links that are provided by YouTube if you want to share it with your friends. :)

Thank you for respecting our wishes!